About Us

About Us

Descreate is a multi-disciplinary Digital image Retouching Company based in INDIA (Rampurhat).We Concentrate on Image Retouching Services. As an Integrated Technology Group, we have expertise on Branding and Digital Image Retouching (HIGH END RETOUCH).

Our longevity and growth resulting from combining stylistic and technological expertise to produce high quality retouching Systems. Through strategic retouching, we help every client boost their profile, market share and profits…….

We don’t take on volumes of work. We prefer to dedicate our time and energy to just a handful of projects at any one time to ensure we maintain great client communication and fantastic results. we work closely with our clients to understand their organization, its ambitions, culture and challenges in as much detail as possible in order help them assess and define their ‘real’ marketing needs.

Retouching is a process and as such requires a staged approach. We start by discussing your brief and developing a proposal that responds to your communication objectives. Once agreed we then develop conceptual treatments of the preferred solution and present for approval. On approval we move into production, seeking your feedback and sign off at regular intervals. On completion we handover an archive of project assets and follow up with a debriefing session to complete the project In Details.

The following Aretha specific services we offer.. Digital image Retouching Services….